Premium Wire

210 Wayne Dr.
Mayfield, KY 42066

Phone: (270) 247-0585
Fax: (270) 964-0001
[email protected]

About Premium Wire

Our History

Premium Wire has been manufacturing quality lamp shade frames and ring sets in the United States at our Mayfield, Kentucky plant since 1982. Our skilled craftsmen have decades of experience and continue to expect the same excellence today that they've demanded of themselves since day one.

Our Work

From the quality of our welds to the caliber of our craftsmanship, every piece reflects our commitment to quality. Because of our experience and understanding of the lamp shade manufacturing process, we realize the importance of making sure our rings are round, our spiders straight and our welds solid and free of burrs and rough edges. We use only galvanized steel, so there is no need for messy or inconsistent after-treatment to prevent rust and discoloration. This gives our customers a competitive advantage when selling to both their wholesale and retail customers. Better frames and ring sets make for better shades.

Quick Turnaround

We can generally ship an order in two weeks or less. Combined with our centrally located plant, this means that orders can be delivered in weeks rather than months. This also allows customers to respond to short-term fluctuations in their own volume requirements.